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THESE Words Teach Your Children To LOVE THEMSELVES❤️

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HELPS: Good self-esteem helps children and teenagers to succeed socially, in school and at work. The secret to being liked - is to like yourself!

This page briefly explained:


Children who dislike themselves are often angry and insecure.


Children who like/love themselves are harmonious, polite, and have inner peace and security.


Read further to learn methods that will help you.


May I ask: Do you have an inner critical voice that tells you negative things? Which holds you back in your life?


I do. As many as 85 percent of us hear this "judge" who says we are not valuable or good enough.


The voice was born in our childhood. Our parents had the biggest impact on us then.

In 40 minutes you can have learned how to stop this critical judge in your child. 


HELENA: "Sentence no. 1 had a very good effect on my little big son ... very special reaction!"


EDITH: "Sounds very logical😊 It can actually be this easy? Very good👍"


By Norwegian certified coach for kids,

Terje Nordkvelle. Updated April 2022 in Norway.

Hi from Terje, coach for kids in Norway!


Here is my experience after working as a coach for children and youth for 14 years:


"The kids that succeed in life, are the ones who like and love themselves."


(This applies to all people, regardless of age.)


Making sure your child has good self-esteem is more important than grades and doing good in sports.

A feeling of inner safety, a good self-image, increases your child's confidence in social settings, into studies/work-life, and dating.

"The most important relationship is the one we have with ourselves."

Arent confident people arrogant?

Many people think so. The fact is that arrogance often stems from fear and insecurity.


People who behave arrogantly are actually often insecure, but think they must be perfect to be accepted and liked.


They have their inner judge who criticizes them when they make mistakes.


People with really good self-esteem see their own value.


They carry with them a sense of calmness that makes it ok to fail, and they have the power to be:

* respectful

* empathetic

* caring.


Other words are harmonious, in balance, and strong on the inside.


Because of this, they become very popular. In school, with friends, and at work.


It is probably my own past with little faith in myself, which is why I am so passionate about this work.


Little luck with girls and school. And sports ... ;-)


Even today I hear the voice say that I am not smart or handsome enough.

My judge still does not fully understand this:


That I have actually helped thousands of parents communicate so that their children do not follow their negative voice, but instead see what strengths and qualities they have.


"We must first know ourselves before we can love ourselves."



Have you said this to your child?



After helping thousands of parents in Norway, I now present my mini-course for moms and dads in English.


(Course length: 45 minutes.)

Here you will learn what you can say to remove the inner critic in your child or make sure that it does not appear at all.

The course makes sure you lay the foundation for a sense of inner peace in your children, which they will enjoy for the rest of their lives.




* Your child will not listen to you. (Anger, arguing, yelling)


* Your child will not talk to you and open up. (Low self-esteem, quiet, isolating.) 

(The real reason they are angry or quiet is that they think they are failures and not good enough.)


* You want to be sure that you do not transfer insecurity - and help your child on the right path.


This online course consists of 8 methods:

1: An article where you learn the five most important sentences that will help them get to know themselves. 


These are words all children need to hear from mom and dad. They warm the soul.

(I recommend one sentence per day.)


2: A video (37 min.) where you learn this:


* A simple technique that leads to your child gaining better confidence and self-esteem.


* An effective tool that causes your child to do chores at home, such as cleaning the room - without arguing about it.


* A smart method that causes your child to open up and share problems with you. (I am very proud of this one! ;-)

All eight methods are easy to use and fit naturally into everyday life. You can do this!


Watch the short video below (0:48) for more info about what you learn in the course video:


SOLVEIG: "I have transferred insecurity to my children, unfortunately. So this was good for me too! (Teaching me to love me.)


Got an immediate reaction from the youngest child (who is 20 years old😅), when I asked if she knew WHY I love her?


She replied, a little unsure, eee because you are my mom, and are obligated to...


When I said the magic words, she replied: ohhh mom, that was exactly what I needed to hear! It's amazing! "

VIDEO: About what you learn in the course video

In the course video, I also talk about the three most common mistakes parents make, when communicating with their children. And how to avoid this.

If you have problems with children, the solution is NOT to yell, bribe or punish. It can make the situation worse.


In the video and article, you will learn the most effective conversation tools I use in my work as a coach for kids.

The common thread in my teachings is to help them like themselves. That is what solves the problems. 

The reason why the mini-course works so well are that the children deep down want to hear these sentences, and be spoken to in this way.


Not for everyone

If you feel that kids' self-esteem is important, I would like to congratulate you. Then you belong to a minority.




The parenting course is only suitable for you who want to communicate to increase the inner sense of security and peace of mind in others.


PERRY: "I tried a few sentences on my 14-year-old. She did not answer, but I could see that she was happy to hear it."

ANNE: "I get feedback that you say so much weird, mom, when I say something positive about then she needs to hear it!"


FASHION ICON: Me at age 15. I did not like myself. Nice shoes?

The Mini-Course lead to:

* Positive and confident kids.


* Your child becomes interested in listening to what you say.


* Doing tasks.


You can do this! Parents talk about good results. Fast. 


EASIER: When kids like themselves, they are sooo much easier to get along with ;-)

My discovery 14 years ago

Many mothers and fathers I talk to think the most important thing behind a good relationship is that the children like their parents.

I thought so too... 


It's not. It turns out that the key to a really good relationship lies in how well people like themselves - in conversation with you. That's the secret!



If you can help them like themselves - they will like you, their behavior will improve and you will get the relationship you dream of.

Not a problem

Challenges such as low self-esteem, loneliness, and drugs are not problems.


They are only symptoms of the real cause:

How well they like themselves. 

You can order the course here.


GWEN: "I think I've seen it 20 times now and I can't say how much you've helped me!


Not only can I speak smarter to the little ones, but I must admit that I shed a few tears because I actually understood myself better too! "


LISA: "Wow, what an effect, and such a good feeling. It works😀"

Six frequently asked questions

1: Do you really think that a short online course can help me?

Yes. The reason is that you learn new, concrete words and phrases that change how you communicate.

2: What results can I expect?

Most parents talk about aha moments and that the child changes behavior.

3: What am I going to learn?

Five sentences every child needs to hear, three smart communication methods (In the video), and knowledge of the three most common parental mistakes.


4: How long does this take?

The video is 37 minutes and you can read the article in a few minutes.


When it comes to using, saying the words and sentences to the child, I would recommend one method a day.


A total of eight days.


5: How long do I have access to the course?



6: For which age group is the methods best suited?

To all. It is never too early to start, but the wording/sentences should be adjusted according to age/person/ level.


You can book the course here.

The article and video in the online course are tailored to


1: Help daughter/son to better self-esteem and thoughts about themselves, which is the very key to a good life.

2: Create good relationships.


3: Improve your relationship with the child/teenager.


Explanation of the low price
I have priced the course this low only because I want to help as many families as possible. 

Today's price does not reflect the quality of the content or the effect of the methods.

I am considering a higher price in 2022.

Two ways to order

* With WhatsApp/text: 


1: Write the word "Course" in a message, and send it to +47 9877 5958

(Please hold your finger on the red link to open send-mode.)

* With email:


2: I will send you a link back with access to everything in the course.

3: You start using the sentences and methods. 

4: You observe a positive change, and you think: "He is really on to something, this Norwegian guy"😋 


5: I send payment info for 17 US Dollars. (14 EURO, 12 BP)

You pay ONLY if you are happy with the effects of the course. No questions asked. 

* To order with PayPal or a card, please click here.


ROSHIN: "My husband and I have now seen the video and read the article. Great. Tried the Choose-method, It works! Thanks!👏

EMMA: "The You Are sentence my daughter really needs to hear❤️ I wrote six pages of notes while listening😀"

I'm failing

I am very grateful that I get to help a lot of parents with this.


Still, many parents who visit this site, choose not to order my course.


Of course, I respect that. Not a problem.


At the same time, a part of me keeps thinking I must have failed to explain to those parents how important it is for a young person to hear the words I teach?

They are potentially life-changing, nothing less:-)



I would greatly appreciate it if you have any feedback on how I can explain this in a better way.


Considering that you have read this far down the page.


Is it the price? Most people spend more on washing the car, right?

Is the message that self-esteem is the key to life, unclear?

Is the course too short? Too long?


Thank you so much, if you have any thoughts on how I can help more people.


Please send the suggestions to my email,


A warm and grateful greeting from Norway and Terje.


PS: It is not money that is my driving force here. The low price mostly only cover advertising expenses.


BEACH TRIP: Terje, Norwegian and Max, Beagle/Drever. 

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