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Just a quick personal note to you who is reviewing this site.


In my experience as long as we ask for assistance for something outside ourselves we get the result.

You could ask for help from your higher self, spirit guides, God, universe, source, nature, or your subconscious. To name a few.


The reason I chose the inner critic this way, is that it lives in our subconscious, is concrete, people know it's real, they have felt it. That means it is easier to believe in the power of it. The trick to make this work is to believe, right?


And as a great bonus we get more control over our inner critical voice, which are in many cases running people's lives. I mention this as a bonus/last thing, it probably should be on top. Self-love and confidence is of course super important.


In the video I send them, I go through a visualization where we essentially transform the inner critic to something beautiful, name it and move it to our hearts. We create a great relationship with the inner critic, wich now is a partner and coach for us. End of note.


The Key To The Law Of Attraction And Improving Your Life Is:
Using Your Negative Self-Talk!

Don't Silence
Your Inner Critic

It turns out to be a POWERFUL manifesting tool!


Coach Terje Nordkvelle

Your subconscious mind decides if your dreams come true. It controls your self-esteem, mindset and beliefs.


GOOD NEWS: You know someone who lives there. Your inner critic.


We know all too well how real and powerful this judgmental voice is. Just think about how much it has held you back in life...


Let me show you how to take advantage of this access point to the subconscious - using the inner critic as a tool to remove limiting beliefs and blocks that are keeping you from manifesting what you want.

You will learn

Not only will you manifest more in your life, you will also like yourself better and feel more in control. Now you are in charge, you are telling the inner critic what to do.

I recorded a detailed video-presentation about how to do all of this, and get access to your subconscious mind - through you inner critic.

Send an email to, and I will reply with the link. No cost.

Learn how to transform your inner critic into your inner coach, and unleash the power of your subconscious mind to achieve your goals and live your best life.

Send me the email, I will respond as soon as I can.

Love and best wishes to you from Terje in Norway.

PS: I believe that this idea of using a negative voice for something positive, came from my subconscious mind.

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