How To Finally Manifest What You Want

The 1 Genius Hack That Speeds Up The Law Of Attraction

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From Terje Nordkvelle.


So, you might have heard of The Law Of Attraction?


The incredible theory that your thoughts become things(!) That you create the details of your life through the way you think.

Maybe you read or saw "The Secret"?


For this to work, we need to see and believe we already have the thing we want.


This is based on the fact that everything around us is energy.


The Universe is a giant copy machine that sends back to us what we transmit.

For many of us, it is difficult to feel the joy of having the money, love, or health, we actually still do not have.

The Hack

The trick is to turn the Law Of Attraction on its head.

Instead of you trying to feel gratitude for something you are missing, ask other people to do it for you!


By manifesting for each other, together in a group, MAGIC happens.


It turns out, a really cool side effect is this:


Not only the receiver of the help is getting effect.

The helpers also experience positive changes in their lives!

On this page, I will share all the steps you need to do this.


Proven effect

When two or more people have a common intention for another, it increases the effectiveness and speed of the Law Of Attraction.

It is journalist Lynne McTaggart that has developed the method I am about to share.


She has proved the group effect in more than 35 scientific experiments, working with scientists and universities.

Link to the evidence here.

How To Do It

1: Come together in a group. Ideally 5-12 people.

Face-to-face or online.


2: A member (The receiver) shares what she/he wants help with. Mental or physical.


3: Create an intention sentence together.

It needs to be super specific.


Example: "Our intention is that Anne will be free of pain in her left knee. + And healthy and well in every way." 

Or: "Our intention is that Frank will receive one thousand Dollars. + And be healthy and well in every way." 

Or: "Our intention is that Kim will find a life partner. + And be healthy and well in every way." 

4: Play music if you want. (Not needed.) Lynne uses this.

5: Hold hands in a circle. (If online see yourself holding hands in your mind.)

Or place the receiver, Anne, in the middle and the others put a hand on her, looking like the spokes of a wheel. 


6: Say the intention sentence out loud: 

"Our intention is that Anne will be free of pain in her left knee. + And healthy and well in every way." 

7: All members breathe deep. 4-5 times.

8: Tell Anne that all she has to do is to open her heart and receive. 

9: FOR 8-10 MINUTES: Members close their eyes and visualize - seeing in their inner mind - situations where Anne uses her knee with no problem.

Using all the senses. Seeing, touching, hearing, smelling, and tasting. And being happy for Anne.


Anne is running, smiling, jumping, working out.


The members choose their images, but it must be about Anne already having a good knee.

The members mix their visualizations with repeating the intention sentence. Sent from their hearts. (Not out loud, only inner voice.) 

10: Slowly return to the room, open their eyes. 


Ask Anne and the others to share their experience.

NOTE: It is extra value in having the same group do this once a week.

Good luck!

Terje Nordkvelle.


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(WhatsApp or text message.)