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How to Get Your Child to Listen to You

- And Open Up. WITHOUT Nagging



Terje Nordkvelle, 49


From the ebook "Seven Steps to a Positive Change in Your Teenager". Please keep reading for my nr. 1 secret to connecting to teenagers. 



1: Repeatedly telling the teenager what to do and how to do it, giving too many answers and too much advice.
-       Ask questions instead.

2: Interrupts when the child speaks.

     Be present as a good listener.
3: Not having a strategy for what they want out of the conversations, going on autopilot, and being controlled by emotions.
-       Continue reading for more tips.

Written by certified coach and author Terje Nordkvelle. Updated in Norway, April 2022.

Now you know a little about what not to do. So, what's the smartest thing you can do to create a great relationship with your teenager?

In fact, there is an excellent answer to that question. I discovered this method by chance back in 2007 when I started coaching teenagers. 

I was amazed by how easy it suddenly was to get them to listen to me. And they shared feelings and thoughts from their life! 

And here's the secret I discovered: 

Many mothers and fathers I talk to think the most important thing behind a good parent-child relationship is that their children like them. I thought so too.

It's not. It turns out that the key to a really good relationship lies in how well teenagers like themselves - in conversation with you. That's the secret!


If you can help them to like themselves - they will like you, and you will have the relationship you dream about. 

I kept getting questions from parents about how I made such a good connection with their teenagers, fast.

So instead of answering all the emails, I decided to write an ebook about it.


I have spent the last twelve years developing this method, and now I have pinpointed the seven most important techniques.


This works well if your child: 

* does not want to listen to you. (Attitude, arguing, yelling)


* does not want to talk to you and open up. (Low self-esteem, quiet, isolating.)  

I share these tools in my book which are all about how to get teenagers to listen - and open up. Without nagging.

SMART: Check out this trick to get kids to do tasks at home in a short video here.


"Step 1 had a very good effect on my son... an extraordinary reaction!"

Coaching showseminar.jpg

SEVEN STEPS: To a great relationship with teenagers

You will learn the seven easy steps that quickly make your kid do tasks at home, get better self-esteem, and become happier.

You will learn what to say - and how to say it.

Here is the content of the book, the seven steps success path:

Day 1: We start creating trust by saying three special words.

Day 2: You ask a smart question that makes the teenager feel special.

Day 3: Building from yesterday, now the child talks.

Day 4: You learn a method that will lead you to become a people magnet.

Day 5: A sentence that makes it so much easier to have great conversations with your child.

Day 6: A clever way to address problems.

Day 7: Unity is created.

If teenagers like themselves, they are so much easier to get along with...;-)

NICOLE: "This book is a source of inspiration for me in my work with children and youth. This book means a lot to me."

Read an excerpt by clicking on the cover. 


The book helps your child to:
* Be positive and confident.
* Be interested in listening to you.
* Complete tasks.

Reading time is approximately 90 minutes. British Diane Weller is the Copy Editor for this English edition.

CHRISTINA: "Your book came as a godsend to me. Yesterday we had a long conversation, and she opened up more. Today, she has been in a much better mood."


SEVEN SENTENCES - What all children need to hear from their parents.


Are You Transferring Your Own Insecurities to Your Child?

Many parents do, WITHOUT knowing it.

Say these seven sentences your child NEEDS to hear from you. 


Click the Button Below to Order:


If you have any questions, please contact me at this email:

ANDREA: "I have purchased a great book. The advice works! Thank you."


If you are having problems with your child, it is often connected to the way they see themselves.


You can do this! Many parents have told me they’ve seen positive results, fast.

More parents on the techniques in the book

Small adjustments can make big changes. Great help in relationship-building between teenagers and guardians.

KRISTIN, children 13, 18 and 21 years

Super, easy to understand with good examples.


I have also applied these methods to my working environment.

ANGELA, sons 10 and 14

years old

Very educational, brilliant. Useful, understandable and practical.


Terje is concrete and easy to understand.

Parents of students

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to follow the seven steps?
A: No. You decide. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable with the words and strategies because you must come across as authentic.


At the same time, steps 1 and 2 are designed to build trust so it will be easier to address more pressing issues later in the week.

Q: Do I have to use the seven days?
A: No. That said, I strongly recommend that you use the tools and say the words to your child, and then allow some space between the techniques so they can "settle" in the teenager.

P.S. This book is tailored to
1: Improve your relationship with your teenager.
2: Equip yourself with positive psychological communication techniques that cause other people to enjoy your company.
3: Improve the child’s self-esteem and encourage positive thoughts about themselves, which is the key to a good life. 

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