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Coach or trainer?

How I doubled my money as a coach

After three hours of work.


NORWEGIAN COACH: Terje Nordvelle

Do you want to make a living by making a difference for others?

Here's the surprising story of how I suddenly doubled my income overnight.

With no audience, no list, no funnel, no webinar, no launch, not as an affiliate, and no checkout page.

(Or even a website.)

Watch the free video below. I share what I stumbled across.

Sounds sleazy?

and too good to be true?

I totally agree. But it is true, and actually quite smart...

I explain everything in this free video. Click play.

WHAT'S THE CATCH? There is no catch. I'm trying out this new thing, called being nice;-)

I forgot

It slipped my mind in the video:


1: Talk/write much more about what the course leads to, than the tools and techniques you give them.

The outcome is more interesting.


2: You can now get paid a lot to build a list. Not with prospects, but with buyers. Which is so much more valuable.


Copy the framework from my salespage, go here.


Copy my course page here.

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Is this you?

Have you always felt a special calling to help others? And maybe you’ve always dreamed about doing the kind of work that makes a REAL difference in people’s lives?

Then coaching could be for you.

You probably have done some coaching in your life, you just did not call it that. Now you can get paid for something that comes naturally to you.

Your voice is important

For the past 12 years, I have helped parents to communicate better with their children, through my books, courses, and coaching. 


During these years I have experienced firsthand what an effect coaching has.

It is truly the most powerful method to help people to grow.


Pay it forward

Please feel free to share this page.

We need more coaches. In a challenging world, getting the right support is key to get the life people dream of. 

I really hope you can contribute to this.


Just don't listen to the voice inside that might be telling you that you can not do this...

Please feel free to share this page and leave a comment.

Have a nice day.

Greetings from Terje Nordkvelle in Norway.


PS: Please use my personal email address if you want to reach me.

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