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FILMING A FRIEND: A natural dialog


See the video with your keen customer

You are in luck, our marketing-model is based on that we do not know what product our freelancers will talk about. This time, they bragged about you!


By Terje Nordkvelle

Published 2019

We are a company that pays women to make videos about their favorite products.

The challenge:

Too many commercials and influencers are not credible in their message. 

The solution:

We make videos based on a real, fun, authentic conversation between two friends. This is done before we contact the companies behind the product or service they brag about. This way, the video looks and sounds natural, not like a commercial or a prepaid influencer.

How we do it, in 3 steps:

1: We locate freelancers who make videos about their favorite product. They follow some guidelines from us, which ensures the video ends up interesting and fun.  

2: We edit the recording and contact the producer of the product or service, the freelancers are so happy with.

Your company can sponsor by paying for views or buy the rights to the video. 

If sponsored: We spend our money advertising the video on social media to make sure we get an audience. 

If bought: We share with you our special method on how to market the video for a low cost. 

In both cases, a discount link/code to the product works well. 

3: We pay the freelancers 50 percent of what the companies are paying us. All our influencers are over 18 years old and have given permission to use the video for commercial purposes.

What is the catch, the downside?

Well, with this marketing-model, our influencers do not have a massive tribe of followers. Instead, we build credibility and likeability through the way we make the videos and advertise them. Actually, we run ads to market the ads;-)  


To get answers to your questions, please email me here:

Hope to hear from you!

Best regards from Terje Nordkvelle, content creator in Norway.

PS: As you probably have understood, the videos work so well because our freelancers are free to talk about their genuinely favorite products. 

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