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FILM A FRIEND: A smartphone is enough


How to Make Money Talking to Your Friends

This article explained in 3 short steps:


1: You interview your friend about her favorite product on video.

2: We ask the company to sponsor the recording.

3: You will receieve half the money.


By Terje Nordkvelle

Published 30, April 2019

Are you aware that you have interests and credibility companies are willing to pay good money for? Do you have a smartphone or a video camera? Please keep reading.


We are a company that pays regular people to talk about their favorite products.

The videos work so well because our influencers are free to talk about items they genuinely love.

The challenge:

Too many commercials and influencers are not credible in their message. 

The solution:

We make videos based on a real, fun, authentic conversation between two friends. This is done before we contact the companies behind the product or service our influencers brag about. This way, the video looks and sounds natural, not like a commercial or a prepaid influencer.

How we do it:

1: You make a video about your friends favorite product. It may be a car, purse, makeup, scooter, bicycle, hair product, sunglasses, shoes, clothing, new technology, or other things.

2: You send the video file to us, we edit the recording, and ask the producer of the product or service, to sponsor your video.

3: You will receive 10 Eurocents for every YouTube view, your friend will also get 10 cents. This is half of what the company is paying us.

We are spending money advertising the video on social media to make sure we get an audience.


What's the catch, the downside?

You have no guarantee that the video will be approved. Worst case is that you filmed without getting paid. 

You are welcome to make as many videos as you want.

I encourage you to use your creativity when you record. That said, we do have a script that will help you make the video right, to make sure it is effective and gets approved by us and the sponsor.

To get the script and answers to your questions, please email me here:

Hope to hear from you!

Best regards from Terje Nordkvelle, content creator in Norway.

PS: To make it crystal clear - we do not want any money from you. 

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