Where Do Inspiration and Creativity Come From?
Written version:

Where do inspiration and creativity come from?

Hi, I'm Am Terry. I would like to share with you what I  recently discovered. 

You know this: As a musician, writer, painter, or another form of artist.

Sometimes you get into a flow state. Divine inspiration. Sometimes you feel stuck.

The inspiration is largely a mystery even to the creator!

The artists never quite know how they have created this music, chapter or painting.

So what's going on?

Michael Jackson allegedly said:

"I must stay awake at night because every night there comes an angel who whispers new songs in my ear, and if I'm sleeping he might go away and give them to Prince!"

Bob Dylan was asked where his inspiration for his songs came from. 
He shook his head and said "Man, I just write 'em".

The Romans and Greeks all thought creativity came from an outside force. Romans called it having a genius.

Then we the humans shifted into thinking we were the geniuses. So we said I am the genius, not I have 

The pressure is killing artists. Being alone with the responsibility. 

My life has been turned upside down. Recently I discovered how to make a connection and a relationship with what I believe is this creative force. 

I get messages, ideas, and hints all the time now. Because of the way I communicate. 

I believe we all are guided in our lives, but the force respects your free will, so they hold back a little
until you ask for more support.

I can show you what I did to get access to it when you need it.

Get your notebook ready. Ideas will flow. 

Access your advantage, superpowers if you will.