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Hey. The Ask Approach is a faster and easier way to manifest.


Instead of you trying to create by yourself (as with The Law Of Attraction) here you manifest by asking for what you want.

Why not use all the support that's available, right? ;-)


Why Does It Work?

The secret is the power of your focused intent.


It is much like ordeA Faster and easier manifest n and Easy Way to Create Your Reality, no kidding (write like frank! Order A Better Tomorrow Herethis "The Magic Makercebo


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CAT Describe BONUS RECOD DOWN BELOW. Helpful forces in the Universe

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Certainly! Interactive quizzes can be a fun and engaging way to
introduce people to the concept of focused intent and help them
identify areas of their lives where it could have a positive impact.
Here's how you can create and use interactive quizzes to achieve this:

Choose a Platform: Decide where you want to host your interactive
quiz. This could be on your website, a social media platform, or a
quiz-building platform.

Quiz Topic: Create a quiz that is centered around the theme of focused
intent and its potential to influence various aspects of life.

Questions: Develop a series of questions that guide participants
through different scenarios or situations. These questions should help
participants reflect on their current experiences and desires.

Options and Outcomes: For each question, provide multiple options for
participants to choose from. These options should reflect different
areas of life where focused intent can be applied, such as health,
relationships, career, personal growth, and more.

Scoring: Assign scores or points to each option based on its alignment
with the concept of focused intent. This will help determine the areas
of life where participants might benefit the most from using focused

Results: Based on participants' answers and scores, provide
personalized results that highlight the top areas of their lives where
focused intent could make a positive impact. These results should be
accompanied by brief explanations and suggestions.

Educational Content: Along with the results, offer educational content
that explains the concept of focused intent, its benefits, and how
participants can get started. Use simple language and relatable
examples to make the information easily understandable.

Call to Action: Encourage participants to take action by incorporating
focused intent into the areas of their lives that were identified in
the quiz. Provide guidance on how they can start practicing focused
intent for positive outcomes.

Shareable Results: Make it easy for participants to share their quiz
results on social media or with friends, which can help spread the
message and encourage others to explore the concept.

Engagement: Engage with participants who take the quiz by responding
to their comments, questions, and insights. This creates a sense of
community and encourages further exploration.

Interactive quizzes offer an interactive and personalized experience,
allowing individuals to reflect on their own lives and see how focused
intent can be applied to create positive changes. By tailoring the
quiz to your target audience and ensuring the questions and options
are relatable, you can effectively introduce the concept and spark
interest in learning more about focused intent.

søn. 13. aug. 2023 kl. 11:41 skrev Terje Nordkvelle <>:
> include pave-planning
> søn. 13. aug. 2023 kl. 11:38 skrev Terje Nordkvelle <>:
> >
> > Website Platform: Choose a website building platform that allows you
> > to create interactive forms or pages. Platforms like WordPress, Wix,
> > Squarespace, or even custom development can work.
> >
> > Form or Page Creation: Create a dedicated page or form where users can
> > input their desires for a better tomorrow. Include fields for their
> > chosen manifestation, description of how it feels, visualization
> > details, and any other relevant information.
> >
> > Visualization Tools: Integrate visualization tools such as image or
> > video upload options, or allow users to create vision boards directly
> > on the website. You might need custom development for this feature.
> >
> > User Profiles: Allow users to create profiles where they can track
> > their past orders, manifestations, and progress.
> >
> > Community Interaction: Consider adding a forum or community section
> > where users can share their experiences, successes, and tips.
> >
> > Reminder System: Implement a reminder system that sends users
> > notifications or emails to reinforce their focused intent regularly.
> >
> > Resources and Tips: Provide educational resources, articles, and tips
> > on focused intent and manifesting to help users learn and improve
> > their skills.
> >
> > Feedback and Testimonials: Allow users to provide feedback on their
> > experiences and share testimonials about the positive changes they've
> > seen.
> >
> > Regular Updates: Keep the website updated with new content, success
> > stories, and additional features to keep users engaged.

Are you looking for an easier and faster way to manifest your desires and achieve your goals? The Ask Approach is a powerful new alternative to the Law of Attraction that taps into a boundless well of potential and possibility by asking for help from a higher source. This comprehensive course guides you step-by-step, with 8 modules, Coaching Calls, an amazing support community and a money back guarantee, to unlock the power of the Universe and manifest your desires.or a more effective way to manifest your desires and achieve your goals? Here is a quick and easy alternative to the Law of Attraction.ey. Are you having trouble getting The Law Of Attraction to work?


Learn how to think or speak something – and it just happens. It takes only 7 seconds, and you don’t need affirmations or visualizations. Develop a real relationship with the universe, and learn how to effectively communicate with it to receive guidance, support, and abundance.


Throughout this course, you will discover how to trust that the universe has your best interests at heart and will always work in your favor. You’ll receive help in any form, from a direct answer, to a coincidence, a sudden realization, or a new opportunity. This course is designed to provide you with the guidance, wisdom, and inspiration you need to take your life to the next level.


The Ask Approach offers a step-by-step guide and the right tools to help you realize the life you desire. Don’t hesitate, now is the time to seize the opportunity and become the best version of yourself. Act now, the doors close at midnight this Friday.

do. My name is Terje, I am from Norway and while searching for purpose and meaning in life, I stumbled across a completely different way to manifest what you want.


It is also connected to spirituality and the universe, but still very different.

No repetitions, affirmations, or visualizations are needed using this method.

I call it "The Ask Approach".



TERJE: Not a guru, just a spiritual student who came across this method.

For the last few years, I have tested The Ask Approach, with great success.


In the video above, I show you live on camera how well it works to ask your guides for help. 


I am really surprised that not more people talk about this. It is quite an obvious solution.

The content of the course (39 minutes.)

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